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With stand on wheels (disinfection efficiency 99.9%, air flow 100 m3 / h, number of lamps 5 pcs.).

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DEZAR-7 is a bactericidal recirculator with an integrated working time counter. Designed for indoor air purification and disinfection of bacteria in enclosed spaces with situated people. Suitable for operating rooms. Air disinfection quality 99.9%.

DEZAR is intended for use in offices, offices, administrative and public premises, medical facilities (operating rooms, wards, laboratories, etc.), children’s and preschool institutions, schools or even homes.

The principle of operation of the device: with the help of fans, air is drawn into the recirculator and disinfected with solid UV-C rays of the ultraviolet spectrum. This kills the bacteria in the air.

  • Dimensions: 1200 x 370 x 580 mm
  • Weight: 11.0 kg
  • Number of bulbs: 5 pcs
  • Supply voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 100W
  • UV lamp power: TUV 16W
  • Total bactericidal flow: 23.5 W
  • Lamp hours: 9000 h
  • Built-in working time counter: yes
  • Noise level: less than 40db
  • Disinfection efficiency: 99.9%
  • Air consumption: 100 m3 / h
  • Room type: I-V category
  • Use in the presence of people: Yes
  • Mounting method: mobile
  • Dust filter efficiency class: (EN779: 2012) G2
  • Dust retention: <80%, coarse cleaning 10 microns
  • UV lamp spectrum: 100-280 (UV-C) nm
  • Operating mode: continuous

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    Bactericidal recirculators DEZAR are intended for continuous disinfection of indoor air when there are people in the room: offices, administrative and public premises, wards, waiting rooms, reception areas, operating rooms, dental offices, laboratories, preschools and schools, sanatoriums and spas, sanatoriums and spas entertainment rooms, massage parlors, food establishments, changing rooms, gyms, cafes and bars, libraries and homes.


    Depending on the model and its capacity, the bactericidal recirculator cleans from 70 to 100 m3 of air or from about 25 to 40 m2 per hour. The quality of disinfection can range from 98 to 99.9%, depending on the amount of antibacterial lamps used inside the recirculator.

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    Reliably protects the air in any room

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    Aesthetic design, the body has sleek shapes and does not spoil the overall interior image.


     509.00 Price incl. VAT

    With stand on wheels (disinfection efficiency 99.9%, air flow 100 m3 / h, number of lamps 5 pcs.).


    We bought in December of 2016 when our nursery was attacked by a chickenpox epidemic. DEZAR 4 has proved its worth. We use it preventively every morning. Especially during the period when airborne diseases spread the most.

    AURORA GROUP Pipirų darželis

    The DEZAR 7 lamp has proved its worth. We bought it in 2017 and since then we add new one every year. We use it in the lobby, in the rooms where there are residents and in the dining room. Thank you for the favorable discounts.

    Prūdiškių socialiniai globos namai

    We bought the most powerful bactericidal lamp. Convinced that it was effective, we later also purchased open-type UV-C lamps.


    The DEZAR 4 lamp has proved its worth – especially well during flu epidemics. We have patients with specific diseases. We use in offices, corridors.

    VšĮ Šeduvos PSPC