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We are always ready to quickly provide you with the necessary bactericidal devices to ensure normal and safe operation:

UV šviesos prietaisai
  • For business - For offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes, seminar organizers, outlets, beauty salons
  • For medical institutions - For clinics, hospitals, ambulances, laboratories
  • For beauty cabinets - For private doctors' offices, dentists, massage and beauty salons and hairdressers
  • For educational institutions - Private and public kindergartens and nurseries, schools and other educational institutions
  • For supervisory institutions - For social care homes, boarding houses, day care centers and children's care homes
  • For private individuals - For safe insulation in homes, homesteads or collective gardens
UV šviesos prietaisai
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The company “Oil production facility at Bandra field” purchased FERROPLAST UV lamps from us.

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Sellers of bactericidal UV light devices in Lithuania

We sell equipment that sterilizes 99.98% of the surroundings

“Rūpinkissavimi.lt” offers a wide range of UV light and photocatalytic products that will satisfy all your needs for safe disinfection of objects and premises. The product range includes various types of devices.
Quick order delivery from the modern warehouse in Vilnius. If the customer has paid for the product in the e-shop before 15:00 o‘clock, then he will receive it’s order the next day at the address indicated in Lithuania, from Monday to Saturday. If you want it quicker, then arrive to our warehouse and pick it up yourself. We also deliver goods to European countries. Delivery takes approximately two-three days depending on the country.

We can also fulfill orders faster in large quantities. In order to complete the order smoothly, it is useful to order the supplies in advance.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus raises the question for many: can a quartz lamp be used as a coronavirus prophylaxis? The answer is yes. Prolonged exposure to radiation destroys the cell structure of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, breaking down DNA compounds and dying as a result.

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We share information about innovations and technologies in this field.
We want to introduce people on how to stay safe and prevent diseases by using our products.

UV radiation helps to fight viruses

July 16, 2020
Sunlight consists not only of visible colors, but also of ultraviolet rays invisible to humans. There are three different types of UV rays. The first is UVA, also called soft, whose rays mostly reach the ...
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Bactericidal recirculators DEZAR and their use for the prevention of viral diseases

July 3, 2020
Illness increases during the cold season In autumn, winter and even spring it is cold and humid outside, thus rich in virus-related and cold diseases. It is easy to catch a cold or get sick ...

Customer reviews

AURORA GROUP Pipirų darželis

We bought in December of 2016 when our nursery was attacked by a chickenpox epidemic. DEZAR 4 has proved its worth. We use it preventively every morning. Especially during the period when airborne diseases spread the most.

VšĮ Šeduvos PSPC

The DEZAR 4 lamp has proved its worth – especially well during flu epidemics. We have patients with specific diseases. We use in offices, corridors.

Prūdiškių socialiniai Globos namai

The DEZAR 7 lamp has proved its worth. We bought it in 2017 and since then we add new one every year. We use it in the lobby, in the rooms where there are residents and in the dining room. Thank you for the favorable discounts.


We bought the most powerful bactericidal lamp. Convinced that it was effective, we later also purchased open-type UV-C lamps.

Kauno lopšelis darželis ŽINGSNELIS

A few years ago, we had bought a slightly different closed-type bactericidal lamp, which really paid off. Later we bought a few more DEZAR 4 lamps. This purchase did not disappoint – we are very satisfied.


The introduction of bactericidal recirculators has significantly reduced staff sickness rate, allowing more healthcare to be provided to their patients. The positive result of the use of bactericidal recirculators has led to the use of these devices in every specialist’s office.