Modern and ecological air disinfection by photocatalysis: TOP 5 ADVANTAGES

Things people do not notice

UV air purifiers are designed using short waves of ultraviolet light – UVC, which help kill microorganisms in the air such as mold, bacteria and viruses. When air enters the system, it is instantly illuminated by UV lamps, which directly affect the microorganisms in it. Air purification with UVC rays protects against airborne diseases transmitted by droplets.

Oro dezinfekavimas fotokatalizės būdu1

However, not only viruses and bacteria are spread in the air, but also many dangerous substances that pose a threat to health.

In the spring, allergies caused by pollen or dust mites breeding in old houses are common. Computers also emits a variety of toxic organic substances: ozone, benzene, xylene, toluene, trichloroethane, dibutyl, tributyl, and styrene, so when you work with it for a long time, you often feel tired because of air pollution. Modern furniture or building heating materials emit toxic volatile fumes of formaldehyde, phenol and styrene. Also, many people have unpleasant smoke fumes or smells of some foods such as fish, meat, onions.

All these pollutants cause various diseases and allergies. Being in such a room, a person feels bad, quickly gets tired. Where UV-C air disinfection does not work, photocatalytic air disinfection can help you.

Photocatalysis is based on the irradiation of titanium dioxide TiO2, which acts as a catalyst, with UV or visible light.
The latter acts as a catalyst. During the photocatalytic process, air pollution is broken down into harmless air components: carbon dioxide and water.

1. Ecological, safe for people and nature

Mercury lamps, which are dangerous to nature and require disposal, are not used. Does not emit ozone, does not ionize air, does not use dangerous UV solid spectrum. Does not cause adverse effects on human health.

2. Highly effective in fighting viruses

It is often the case that when one family member falls ill, other members of the family become infected. Also, at work, one sick co-worker can infect other colleagues. In such cases, air disinfection devices help to prevent airborne contamination.

Ambilife L-10016

Ambilife L-10016
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3. Eliminates unpleasant odors

Often the room is filled with food, sweat, tobacco, pets or other unpleasant odors. When trying to ventilate it by opening a window or masking other odors, we usually do not achieve the desired result quickly, and the discomfort caused can escalate into a headache, interfere with concentration and cause tension. UV lamps eliminate odors rapidly and efficiently while eliminating organic compounds in the air. For example, UVC rays will not only clean the air in a smoky room, but will also eliminate the smell of tobacco.

4. Helps fight mold

Mold loves a humid environment where it multiplies into the air by releasing invisible spores. They settle on any surface – furniture, toys, carpets, curtains, etc. This is especially dangerous for people with allergies or asthma, because mold exacerbates the symptoms of these diseases, intensifies seizures. Air purifiers remove mold spores, which are captured and destroyed in the filters.

5. Helps prevent allergies

The air is rich in particles that damage our respiratory system. This is especially true for people with allergies. For them, pollen and dust become real enemies of health, the presence of which in the air causes coughing, runny nose and other physical illnesses. Air disinfection devices, by filtering the particles in the environment, will reduce the exacerbation of allergies and help you feel better at home. Will clean the air from volatile organic pollutants emitted by furniture, building materials, computer equipment, from tobacco, fish odor, from various fine particles: pollen or dust mites, etc.

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