Germicidal lamps for indoor disinfection

Using UV lamps, it is probable to disinfect rooms, objects and tools independently and without any difficulties. In this e-shop you will find all the necessary equipment for a sterile life.

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    The best-selling product

    Compact bactericidal recirculator

    Designed for offices and accommodations at home

    This bactericidal recirculator is intended for disinfection of patient areas, reception rooms or waiting rooms (up to 35 m2). Also suitable for children’s educational institutions or offices.

    UV light lamp which destroys bacteria

    Ambilife L-10016

    Bactericidal (antimicrobial) photocatalytic recirculator with quartz lamp for disinfection of indoor rooms and air purification when people are inside.


    Stationary bactericidal recirculator for disinfection of patient wards, reception or waiting rooms (up to 35 m2).

    Dezar-4 with stand on wheels

    Mobile bactericidal recirculator for disinfection of patient wards, reception or waiting areas (up to 35 m2).

    UV light kills viruses and germs

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    Today, more and more research show that up to 20 percent of infections are transmitted by air. Ultraviolet lamps easily neutralize various pathogens in the environment, making a person’s presence in disinfected rooms safer for his or her health.

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