UV lamp OBN-150

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Baktericidinė atviro tipo, patalpų dezinfekcijai be žmonių (iki 250 kubinių metrų)

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This germicidal open type UV lamp operates in a solid ultraviolet spectrum (UV-C spectrum) and is designed to disinfect air and premises up to 250 cubic meters.

Suitable for premises such as operating rooms, patient waiting rooms, dental clinics, food production, cosmetic industry, kindergartens, gyms, dressing rooms, sanatoriums and other premises where the prevention of bacterial contamination of air and room surfaces is required.

ATTENSION! The lamp can not be used in the presence of people in the room. Goggles to protect the eyes from UV-C radiation must be worn.

  • UV lamp OBN-150
  • Dimensions: 1090 x 150 x 100mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Supply voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power: 150 VA
  • The number and power of UV lamps: TUV 30 W – 2 pcs
  • Lamp hours: 9000 h
  • Built-in counter of working hours: no
  • Work in the presence of people: Prohibited

Šiandieną tiek daug įvairių pasirinkimų, kad sunku išsirinkti geriausiai tinkantį jums. Todėl jums verta iš anksto konsultuotis su žinovais profesionalais. Registruokitės!

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    We bought in December of 2016 when our nursery was attacked by a chickenpox epidemic. DEZAR 4 has proved its worth. We use it preventively every morning. Especially during the period when airborne diseases spread the most.

    AURORA GROUP Pipirų darželis

    The DEZAR 7 lamp has proved its worth. We bought it in 2017 and since then we add new one every year. We use it in the lobby, in the rooms where there are residents and in the dining room. Thank you for the favorable discounts.

    Prūdiškių socialiniai globos namai

    We bought the most powerful bactericidal lamp. Convinced that it was effective, we later also purchased open-type UV-C lamps.


    The DEZAR 4 lamp has proved its worth – especially well during flu epidemics. We have patients with specific diseases. We use in offices, corridors.

    VšĮ Šeduvos PSPC