Mobile stand for Ambilife UV lamps

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Robust metal stand for bactericidal recirculators Ambilife L-100.

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Mobile stand with wheels and parking brake. If necessary, the stand can be disassembled to take up less space.

Used for antibacterial air disinfection recirculators Ambilife L-100.

* Stand sold separately.The mobile stand is for recirculators.

  • The mobile stand is for recirculators Ambilife L-100.
  • The stand is made of metal, coated with enamel paint.
  • The base part has four wheels that makes the stand mobile.

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    We bought in December of 2016 when our nursery was attacked by a chickenpox epidemic. DEZAR 4 has proved its worth. We use it preventively every morning. Especially during the period when airborne diseases spread the most.

    AURORA GROUP Pipirų darželis

    The DEZAR 7 lamp has proved its worth. We bought it in 2017 and since then we add new one every year. We use it in the lobby, in the rooms where there are residents and in the dining room. Thank you for the favorable discounts.

    Prūdiškių socialiniai globos namai

    We bought the most powerful bactericidal lamp. Convinced that it was effective, we later also purchased open-type UV-C lamps.


    The DEZAR 4 lamp has proved its worth – especially well during flu epidemics. We have patients with specific diseases. We use in offices, corridors.

    VšĮ Šeduvos PSPC