Quartz lamp OUFD-01 for children from colds and viruses

Solnyshko OUFD-01 is designed for children, but suitable for adults. Used in case of cold, flu, upper respiratory tract and virus infections. Also disinfects, kills viruses in premises.

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Safety glasses for children are included.

We reccomend to purchase extra safety glasses for adults.

Attention! In order to prevent eyes from damage Don't forget to put on safety glasses while using quartz lamp!

Products specifications
UV lempos spektras, nm 180-400
Patalpų dezinfekcija (kvarcavimas), m3 15 - 30
Švitinimo galingumas 0,04 W/m2 esant 70 cm atstumui iki švitinamo paviršiaus, 0,8 W/m2 naudojant 5 mm skersmens antgalį, 1 w/m2 naudojant 15 mm skersmens antgalį.
Parameters, mm 230 х 145 х 155
Net weight, kg 1
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