Quartz lamp Ambilife L-7024М for disinfection of premises

Based on photocatalytic air purification and recirculation. Perfectly cleans air from viruses, infections, smells. Designed for safety usage in presence of humans. Can be utilized 24/7.
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Ambilife - is a quartz lamp for disinfection of premises and cleaning the air in enclosed spaces. At the heart of work photocatolityc principle is used. This is the latest air purification technology that efficiency significantly exceeds dust filters (HEPA), ionizers, ozonizers, carbon filters, conventional quartz lamps or related methods of cleaning the air.
Today in the urban atmosphere apart from viruses and infections, many other air pollutants: cars and tobacco smokers pollute the air with carbon monoxide (CO), and the diesel fuel is still harmful to our body lead metal. Cars with gas stoves emit nitrogen oxides (NOx). Modern furniture and construction heaters that emit toxic fumes of phenol, formaldehyde and styrene surround us. office equipment such as printers, scanners, monitors that fills the air with all sorts of (often toxic) organic matter: ozone, benzene, xylene, toluene, trichloroethane, dibutyl, tributyl and styrene fulfill our offices and sometimes homes. Urban CHP emit sulfur oxides (SOx). Many people dislike tabaco smoke and unpleasant odors from foods such as fish and meat, filling the air with organic amines.
All these pollutants cause various diseases and allergies. But there is a solution - Ambilife photocatalytic system for premises disinfection and air purification.

Products specifications
Performance, m3/h 70
Degree of decontamination, % 99,9
Power, W 29
UV lempos spektras, nm 320-400 (UV-A 90%)
Parameters, mm 470 x 160 x 170
Lempos tarnavimo laikas iki pakeitimo nepertraukiamai naudojant 2 years
Dust filter class (EN779: 2012) F5
Net weight, kg 2,6
Operating mode Ne mažiau 8 valandų, galimas nepertraukiamas darbas
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